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Monday, November 6, 2017

Working With For Buyers Only Is Like a Breeze

Working with them is like a breeze. We got the perfect results that [we] were actually expecting. Working with them is like somebody’s holding your hand every step of the way because we’re first-time homebuyers and we’re very overwhelmed with the entire process. So they made sure that they [were] there for us and we feel that they’re looking after us at every step of the way from [the] documents to the weekly videos that Dwight is [sic] doing for us and also for a lot of the negotiations with the builders. When we were really close at the closing of the house, we wanted to put it off, but we really needed to talk to them so we just texted them. And what happened was Sharon and Dwight I think was [sic] attending a class at that point, but Sharon stepped out of that classroom and then made sure that all our questions about the documents for the closing are [sic] all answered before going back to the class. She could have just probably give [sic] us a call later, but she felt that it’s [sic] important that she answer that time. So whenever we text, call, or anything they just respond so fast to us. For us, [we were] very new to the home buying process. We were really, really thankful that they’re there at every step of the way.

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