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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

The Long-Distance Move Was Hassle-Free for James

I actually was just going on the web looking for brokers down in Florida and I saw their website and I  saw all the positive reviews that they had. So I gave them a call and right from the outset I spoke to Sharon initially and like I said the initial process of doing the search, what we were looking for, providing the information so that I could make an educated decision on a long-distance basis so that when I got down there we were all set up to go and look and they made the process very, very hassle-free and stress-free or as much as it could be given the fact that we were doing something long-distance. They go out of their way to make sure that you get the right home in the right location. They are very honest people, very helpful people, and anything that you need, they will provide for you. Nothing is too over the top in terms of if you’re asking them if they could do something for you additionally as a result of you buying long distances. It wasn't anything that they turned down any kind of a request and whatnot, and so I think the main thing would be I get the vibe that they’re very honest people, very helpful people and they truly want to make sure that you are happy with the home that you purchase. The situation that I’m in is that I’m in New York and we’re buying a house down in Florida, and because I really couldn't do anything with my wife being disabled, they were very, very helpful in locating contractors for me to have work done on the home. And in terms of arranging meetings with the guy and also doing some searching for me with respect to getting somebody down there. And they also came to the home while the person was there, and then they’ve been checking up on the work that’s getting done while we closed on the house. They’ve been going through the house, checking up, sending me videos and whatnot. They took videos of the home to show my wife because she wasn’t able to come down there when I went down to purchase it. So they went above and beyond normally what I would figure a broker would do.

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