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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Helping My Son and Daughter-In-Law with Their Coast-to-Coast Move

"First of all my situation was very different since I was trying to find a house for my son and daughter-in-law who were living in California and wanting to purchase a house before they were moving to Florida. So even though I felt pressured dealing with this situation, as soon as I met Dwight and Sharon, I felt very reassured and positive rapport with both of them and realized that the team had very special and unique qualities and that we were in good hands.Sharon’s expertise in the housing market, as well as her listening and communication skills, made such as tremendous difference through this process since she was always taking into account my feedback on the various listings.Her personal attitude and grasp of this area made it very easy to find a house I thought they would love, not to mention Sharon’s videos of every aspect of the house inside and out made quite an impression on my son and daughter-in-law in California. In addition, Dwight’s extensive knowledge of construction, as well as his personal and professional dealings with the contractors, made this long-distance purchase as seamless as possible. He not only helped with every aspect of buying this house, but he has repeatedly checked in with them since their move and offered his help and advice on every aspect of this house. Sharon’s negotiation skills were amazing and Dwight’s constant presence through the walkthroughs and rapport with the builders gave me constant reassurance and eased my mind during this process.Their advice and professionalism and also their follow-through along every aspect of this coast-to-coast real estate purchase could not have been handled any better. They surpassed every expectation I could have. But the most important aspect of this team that makes them so successful is their professional and positive rapport and the mutual respect with construction team members since I’ve never seen negotiations go so smoothly. It was obvious that the contractors were very willing to negotiate and work with this amazing team. Sharona and Dwight made me feel that I had met two new friends who were helping me find a new house for my kids. They also respected my input and I never felt the usual high-pressure sales tactics and restraints. They made this entire process very positive and each step along the way so stress-free. I have already recommended this dynamic duo to some of my friends and I will never be able to thank them enough for all of their help and expertise along our journey. So my honest opinion of Sharon Dwight as a real estate team is priceless I’ve never been so pleasantly surprised I’ve ever been in anything I’ve ever purchased. I’m 62 years old, bought many houses, many cars. I’ve never been so surprised with the teamwork and positive rapport everybody had with each other. Usually, I always feel like I have to do the negotiation and do all the hard work. I actually sat back and just watched everyone else work together to make this happen and it seems so seamless and stress-free, it was amazing."

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