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Monday, August 28, 2017

Day Trip with Dwight and Savannah

Dwight and Savannah recently headed out to Cumberland Island National Seashore. They saw so many amazing things that they had to record them and share with you.

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Dwight and Savannah recently took a trip out to Cumberland Island National Seashore and had a great time. While they were there, they took a ton of great footage that they wanted to share with you. You can see all of it in the video above, but here’s what they did on their trip.

First, they boarded a ferry out to the island in St. Mary’s, Georgia. They were greeted to the island by over 120 feral horses that roam the 9,800 acres that the island sits on. It was pretty amazing to see. They even saw a young foal nursing from her mother. While the horses are feral, they are descended from Spanish domestic breeds. They didn’t give them any trouble, but they certainly kept their distance.

The earliest record of horses on the island was all the way back in 1742 at the battle between the Spanish and English over Ft. St. Andrews, but the modern occupation of the island began with Spanish missionaries in the 16th century.

This was an amazing trip.

The Dungeness Ruins were also quite a sight to behold. They were originally built by Catherine Greene, widow of Revolutionary War hero Nathanael Greene.  Later, Thomas and Lucy Carnegie built on top of the original foundation. However, the building burned down in 1959 and remains in ruins to this day.

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