Dedicated Buyer's Agents work solely for buyers, avoiding the conflicts of interest inherent in the traditional seller-oriented purchase transactions. This unique relationship of committed trust and care assures real estate buyers the best possible home buying experience.

Be Sure To Work ONLY with a Dedicated Buyer's Agent in your next Home Purchase in St Augustine, Nocatee and Ponte Vedra, and Saint Johns! Don't settle for no representation....have someone that is on Your Side!

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Introducing For Buyers Only Realty

Today we wanted to take a minute to introduce ourselves and our business. We're unique in that we work exclusively with buyers. We think they deserve equal attention in the real estate transaction process.

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Allow us to take a moment to introduce ourselves!

As the owners of For Buyers Only Realty, we wanted to give you a look at who we are. We're an exclusively buyer-focused agency here in St. Augustine area. 

I moved from the cold Midwest area about 12 years ago to escape the snowstorms up in Minnesota and Wisconsin. I started to realize that buyers weren't getting the great customer service that they deserve in a real estate transaction. Many Realtors are so focused on listings, listings, listings that buyers just sort of get processed through the system without much attention.

We founded our company on the basis of working exclusively with buyers so we can give you 100% of our attention like you deserve.

Dwight has worked in real estate for many years, too. We got married and joined forces a year and a half ago. After a career in the fire department, Dwight retired and joined the brokerage full-time after hearing my story.

The one thing we get a sense of satisfaction from is helping people find the perfect home. Since we work with buyers only, we get to help you with the goal of getting the home for the lowest price, unlike listing agents and sellers who want the highest price. That's what buyers need. We carry your deal all the way through to the closing table and beyond.

We absolutely love helping buyers find their perfect home.

The great thing about buying a home with a real estate agent is that it's completely free for the buyer. We're able to focus solely on that.

On a personal note, as Dwight says, we make a great team. He calls me the 'academic' one when it comes to paperwork and all the important little details. Dwight works with buyers to help them find homes, whether it's resale or new construction.

One big thing that sets us apart from other agents in Florida is that we act as single agents. This means you're not our customer, you're our client. Most Realtors in Florida are transaction agents, meaning they don't focus on buyers or sellers, but rather solely on the transaction. Since you are our client, we have complete fiduciary loyalty to you and you alone.

We live in St. Augustine and we love this market so much that we always say it's like living in a postcard. We love teaching people about the area as well.

If you have any questions for us about real estate, the St. Augustine area, or how we can serve you in the home buying process, don't hesitate to give us a call or send us an email. We would absolutely love to help you find the perfect home for you!